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    Strong alliance, cooperation and progress together! The Budweiser Yang Copper 60000 ton enameled flat wire project has officially started!

            On the morning of November 30th, the Budweiser Yang Copper 60000 ton enameled flat wire project, jointly developed by Nantong Budweiser Electric Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yang Copper Electric Complete Set Co., Ltd., officially started construction in the Binhai New Area of Haian City.

          Zhou Xiaojun, Deputy Mayor of Hai'an City People's Government, delivered a speech and announced the start of the project. Zhou Shuqun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Binhai New Area, delivered a speech. Mr. Hao Xiaoqi, President of Jiangsu Huapeng Group, Mr. Qian Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co., Ltd., and Mr. Guo Xianqing, President of Guangdong Mingyang Electric Co., Ltd., were present to congratulate. Mr. Qian Jun also delivered congratulatory messages; Fifteen leading companies in the industry, including TBEA Group, Shandong Electric Power, Siemens (China), Chint Electric, and Siyuan Electric, arranged for their leaders to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.

            At the commencement ceremony, Nantong Budweiser Electric Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements with Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co., Ltd., Chint Electric Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Mingyang Electric Co., Ltd. to carry out in-depth cooperation in key areas, achieve comprehensive strategic docking, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint.

            The project has a total investment of 500 million yuan and will build a 20000 square meter factory, 30 intelligent and automated enameled flat wire production lines, with an annual output of about 60000 tons of copper wire. It will solve the production pressure of enameled flat wires in power transformer transposition wires, and the production capacity of transposition wires for both parties will be increased to 30000 tons, with an annual sales revenue of over 5 billion yuan. In the future, this place will be built into the world's largest production base for transformer winding enameled flat wires, and will also become a business card for Haian's manufacturing industry, pushing Haian's electrical manufacturing industry to the world.

    At the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Ni Hao, Chairman of Shanghai Yang Copper, and Mr. Yang Dezhi, Chairman of Nantong Budweiser, respectively introduced the basic information of their respective enterprises. Shanghai Yangtong Electrical Complete Set Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and has been engaged in the electromagnetic wire industry for over 30 years. The total construction area of the company is 67000 square meters, with an annual output of 25000 tons of electromagnetic wires. It has undertaken multiple 1000KV ultra-high voltage line transformer lines in China and has continuously won multiple honors such as being an influential brand in China and a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. Nantong Baiwei Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, with an existing land area of 80 acres, a factory area of 30000 square meters, 350 employees, 15 enamel production lines, and 12 transposition production lines. It is expected to produce 26000 tons of copper and 4000 tons of aluminum annually in 2023, with annual sales exceeding 2 billion yuan.









    ADDRESS:No. 16, middle development avenue, Haian Development Zone, Jiangsu Province